Short guides for common use cases

How to get instance ID and Instance Key?

To get Instance ID and Instance Key, please proceed to your Datahub account -> Management -> Level "User group" -> User service credentials

👉 Read more how to get credentials

Can I start the integration without account in DataHub?

You need datahub account to obtain credentials that are required for the integrations such as Instance ID, Instance Key as well as Admin API credentials to have advanced access to API services.

How can I customise push-notification messages on Android?

It is easy, just follow the instructions:

Can I customise the permissions Wizard?

We provide fully customised wizards both for iOS and Android. Please find how to do that below:

How to get statistics and scores?

How to get all historical statistics and scores?

You need just to set up for example 2000 year in startDate. You can also pass registration date instead.

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