Amazon Simple Notification Service

The service allows you to listen to telematics platform and get your assets immediately to your platform or storage

When do you need this service?

  • If you want to store telematics data on your servers

  • If you want to pull trip details to your application from your back-end (not recommended)

  • If you want to process telematics data and build your own models and analytical products

Available events:

Notifications on track has been enriched

When track enrichment has been completed or an enriched track been changed, external subscribers are notified in accordance with a project configuration.

We support Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service). If you need this feature to be configured for your company, you should provide us SNS credentials and queue parameters.

SNS credentials:

*AccessKey, *Secret, *AWS Region *TopicArn of the SNS queue.

Our platform sends immediate notification once the track enrichment had finished. The SNS message contains information about the track which was processed. it includes track credentials including Track Token attribute, which is unique for every track. A SNS message doesn't contain any track’s data, such as events or waypoints. To get track details, a subscriber must query the track’s data at Web API service using credentials received from SNS Message.

Subscribers may receive many track enrichment notifications with the same Track Token. It means previous version of the track has been updated, and you need to retrieve an updated track from our API again. Use-case: the track was merged with another trip segment. the updated trip will have new trip details (time, distance, etc)

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