*Configure SDK variables for notifications

Raxel Pulse SDK sends notifications to user like below: (ex. from Android 10)

You can override strings that used for user notifications:

<string name="app_name">Raxel-NewSDK</string>
<string name="tracking_notification_title">Tracking</string>
<string name="tracking_notification_is_work">Your trip is being scored.</string>
<string name="tracking_notification_is_not_work">Trip not in progress.</string>
<string name="tracking_notification_tracking_disabled">Tracking disabled.</string>
<string name="tracking_notification_gps_disabled">GPS disabled. Click the notification to enable GPS and grant permissions.</string>
<string name="tracking_notification_power_saving_enabled">Your trips may not be recorded when battery saving mode is enabled</string>
<string name="tracking_notification_looking_for_tracks_upload" >Waiting for the tracks uploading</string>

You can override icons that used for user notification:

Place your own icons to res/drawable folders with names below:

ic_tracking_sdk_status_bar.png - use white-colored square image with alpha-channel ic_tracking_sdk_notification.png - use colored square image with alpha-channel

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