How it works

Overall information about Telematics SDK including data samples

Simplified data flow

How it works



Step 1: Smartphone <> Telematics SDK

The SDK connects to smartphone sensors and automatically gathers information under certain rules. It works in background mode and doesn't require user's interactions with the app to start/stop trip recording.

Step 2:

Data collection

The SDK collects high-frequency sensors data from various sensors like GPS, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass, Barometer, etc.

Telematics Data Sample (example of fields, not a real sample)

Step 3

Data processing

Collected data is going through 5 layers where it is being filtered, normalised, reconstructed, enriched and finally analysed.

Step 4

processed data is unlocked for users, business interfaces and services

Wide range of methods unlock an endless opportunity for our clients to get different level of data, including raw data, processed data, user statistics, driving scoring, etc.

Step 5:

Work with familiar business application or use our DataHub or BI tools

Detailed analysis and environment for every client to build own models, insights and digital products. The portal is quickly developing. Please, feel free for any feedback if you need any feature.

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