List of reports that can be automatically generated per request of automatically to a company storage

We provide an automatic reporting system that daily generates a report by instances or applications and transfer it to S3 bucket (AWS) (we will support other storages soon).

To set up the daily reporting, please write to us to [email protected] and provide us with the following information:

  1. Instance ID (can be found in your DataHub account)

Instance ID:

2. AWS S3 bucket credentials

S3 bucket arn:
S3 bucket region:
access key id:
secret access key:

The service contains the following reports:

Name of report


Trip summary

The report contains a daily trip log, statistics and scoring information. TripID can be used to retrieve waypoints and events per each trip

Scoring summary

The report contains a daily scoring snapshot by users including points and scoring by factors. Values are calculated based on a scoring calculation.

User state

A daily snapshot that contains a list of users and granted permissions


A list of suspicious events generated by users by changing permissions or deactivating app

Trip waypoints

A list of waypoints per each trip with information about speed limits and points where distracted driving has been detected

Trip events

A list of trip events that we recognise as events impact on safe driving

Drivecoins summary

Calculated drivecoins based on applied rules