User's leaderboard by scoring factors and driving statistics. the leaderboard is calculated based on previous 14 days driving data.


There are two types of leaderboard available: Summary Leaderboard and Factors Leaderboard

A user's leaderboard position is calculated within a single instance where the user record is located.

A user's leaderboard position is calculated based on data for previous 14 days.


Users participate in Leaderboard if they match 2 conditions:

  1. Minimum Mileage during latest 15 days >=10km.

  2. Users have processed trips during latest 15 days.

These parameters are customisable, please feel free to contact us to setup that.

Summary Leaderboard

The API consists the overview for single user in comparison with other users within a single instance

  • 1 - Acceleration score; 2 - Braking score; 3 - phone usage score; 4 - Speeding score; 5 - Cornering score; 6 - Overall score; 7 - Distance; 8 - Number of Trips; 9 - Driving time

page*Summary Leaderboard

Leaderboard by factors

The API contains a list of users and thier position by factors. There are 9 available factors

page*Leaderboard by factors

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