SDK Features

Works in background

SDK Collects data from smartphone sensors (GPS, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope) and transfers the data set to a platform when your app is closed or even when you swipe the app from a memory.

Fully autonomous and self launched

SDK automatically detects driving/walking/cycling and other movements and starts automatically collects and transfers telematics data without any interaction from drivers

High-frequency data collection

SDK captures 1Hz GPS data and up to 100Hz Accelerometer and gyro data. it enables us to detect all possible driving incidents like acceleration, Brakes, Cornering, phone usage, speeding

👉 Take a look at dataset

Low battery drain

We gently work with smartphone sensors and our algorithms help us work in the background and collect high-frequency data with a low battery drain. For average usage, we consume ~5% of battery (iPhone home screen - 6%)

Multiple operational modes

Behavior tracker – SDK provides a reach and high-frequency dataset from smartphone sensors (GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, wifi, Bluetooth networks around, etc.)

Live GPS tracker – SDK provides a real-time location dataset with manageable frequency.

Matching a trip with an internal ID

SDK supports different types of tags that might be applied to a trip or to a group of trips or even for a piece of a trip. order ID can be applied to a trip via app or API and then you can use order ID to get all telematics and statistics data

👉 How to set a tag with an internal ID

Multiple end-points/ platforms support

SDK supports multiple options:

  • Get data directly from SDK

  • Point data to 3rd party platform 👉 How to do that

  • Raxel platform

Scheduled and on-demand tracking

We respect driver privacy and SDK supports flexible tracking options:

Automatic – SDK stays active in the background and listens to any activities 27×7. every time when SDK detects driving it starts recording data and broadcasting it to the platform

Scheduled – companies that work with full-time drivers that work from (let’s say) 9am to 5pm can apply a schedule and SDK will work only during these hours and will be automatically disabled beyond working hours. 👉 How to set a schedule

On-demand – SDK can be enabled and disabled by app or via API to track a particular time period. for example: you can enable SDK only when the driver accepts a job, and disable it when the driver completes the job. 👉 How to enable/Disable SDK

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