*Configure Your Project

Please check RaxelPulse target in pod Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries: NO

Use this in your project target Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries: YES

Configure the information property list file (Info.plist) with an XML snippet that contains data about your app. Right-click info.plist, and choose Open As Source Code. Add capabilities for privacy, motion usage etc.

    <string>Your explanation.</string>
    <string>Your explanation.</string>
    <string>Your explanation.</string>
    <string>Your explanation.</string>

Background mode:


The most popular explanation is: We are using location services to determine your driving style. Add App Delegate initialisation methods and delegate methods you should replace <your token> with your virtual device token without pointy brackets. If you didn't build your token farm, you can request test token with curl using example below or follow to Step 2

curl -X POST "https://user.telematicssdk.com/v1/Registration/create" -H "accept: */*" -H "InstanceId: " -H "InstanceKey: " -H "Content-Type: application/json-patch+json" -d "{}"

For product "Platform" please add email as a parameter. Email is an mandatory field which will be used as a login.

For Telematics SDK product no fields are mandatory. you can use a code above to generate a token.

Format: "InstanceId: 5494...584" "InstanceKey: 4908...604 "

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