Enriched telematics data

Enriched telematics data contains information about tracks, points, and events after road mapping, events detection and filtering, scoring and other ML enrichment

Table Name

Short Description

Enrichment result

Enriched tracks with scoring

  • Final track entity based on RichTrackPoints

  • Scores calculated

  • Aggregated metrics on track events

  • Addresses of start and stop

Enriched track points

  • Track matching to road graph (HERE maps)

  • Speed limits (HERE maps)

  • Events matched to points (HF and GPS)

  • Phone usage (ML)

  • Rotation calculated (ML)

Enriched events

  • Events JSON parsing

  • Mapping phone usage to events

  • Calculating the index - fitstresholds (ML)

Scoring Points for track and 100-scale rankings

  • Aggregated points for 2-weeks period

  • Scores for track in 100-scale

Scoring for dates

  • Aggregated scores for 2-weeks period

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